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Venue: Hotel Taikanso, Matsushima, Miyagi, Japan
(Japanese meaning is "House of Buena Vista")

Matsushima is located on the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan, 20 km northeast of Sendai City and is easy to access by public transportation including train and bus. The Matsushima Bay is known as one of the three most gorgeous places to visit in Japan.

Dotted with more than 260 small islands, it offers spectacular scenes of natural beauty. The many islands and complex coastlines weakened the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and served to protect the town of Matsushima from more devastating damage.

Now Matsushima is recovering from the 2011 damage. The venue of the symposium is located on a hill with a panoramic view of the Matsushima Bay.

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Hotel Taikanso in front of the Matsushima Bay

View of the Matsushima Bay

View larger map

Venue on Google Map

Floor map of Hotel Taikanso (Meeting Venue)

Floor map (pdf format)

Access to Venue

Access to Sendai

Sendai International Airport has direct flights to major cities in Japan and several cities in Asia and Pacific. Sendai Airport is connected to Sendai Station by train for 25 minutes.
From Tokyo, it is convenient to take a high-speed train on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line. The fastest train takes you to Sendai for 91 minutes.

From Sendai Station to Venue

Take an outbound (eastbound) train on the Senseki Line or an outbound (northbound) one on the Tohoku Line. Get off at Matsushima-kaigan station on the Senseki Line or Matsushima station on the Tohoku Line. It takes 25-40 minutes from Sendai station.
Take a complimentary shuttle bus to Hotel Taikanso. The bus operates every 30 minutes in the daytime.

Information for participants from overseas countries.
There are only Japanese signs and no English signs and displays on the complimentary bus among Hotel Taikanso and train stations. Please remeber the bus shown below and take the correct bus.

A complimentary bus connecting Hotel Taikanso and nearby train stations.

Timetable of the shuttle bus (pdf format)

Housing and Visa assist

Hotel reservations including Hotel Taikanso and nearby hotels is available online. An assist for issuing VISA for entry to Japan is also available when you make a registration online. [link to a Registration page]

Matsushima and Beyond

Matsushima has scenic places attracting many visitors. There are not only natural landscapes but also cultural and historical facilities including temples, museums, and an aquarium. More information is avilable at Matsushima Tourism Association.

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